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  • North Korea How did Kim Jong Un evade UN sanctions to

    Expert say if North Korea s Kim Jong Un can get a limo in spite of sanctions he also has access to items for his ballistic and nuclear programs

  • The Incredible Rise of North Korea s Hacking Army The

    The Incredible Rise of North Korea s Hacking Army The country s cyber forces have raked in billions of dollars for the regime by pulling off schemes ranging from A T M heists to

  • North Korean slave labour exposed in undercover

    Workers in foreign countries generate billions for North Korean state human rights groups claim SECRET footage has revealed exactly how North Korea

  • Cars from North Korea Axis of EvilCar and Driver

    Photos of Pyongyang North Korea s capital inevitably feature a 70s or 80s black S class One defector told South Korean newspapers that the higher the official the higher up the model line

  • Biden s North Korea policy is floundering in Trump

    The Biden administration s North Korea policy review has finished but the administration s North Korea policy is no clearer than it was a few months ago If you don t know what President Biden intends to do with this policy that is because the president himself seems unsure of how to proceed beyond repeating the same old lines about denuclearization

  • How North Korea is trying to tackle smokingBBC News

    Smoking rates have been high in North Korea for years and remain soalthough they do appear to be coming down very slowly A WHO report for

  • Kim Jong un Orders North Korea to Give Up Pet Dogs to

    Dogs in North Korea have always been associated with capitalist notions and the rule banning pet dogs has been implemented on and off since the 1980s reports NY Times According to the South China Morning Post in 2018 North Korea asked its people to give up their dogs fur ahead of the Party Foundation Day one of North Korea s biggest and

  • North Korea Missile Test Database NTI

    The James Martin Center for Nonproliferation Studies CNS North Korea Missile Test Database is the first database to record flight tests of all missiles launched by North Korea capable of delivering a payload of at least 500 kilograms 1102 31 pounds a distance of at least 300 kilometers 186 4 miles The database captures advancements in North Korea s missile program by

  • I m the only Australian living in North Korea Let me tell

    466 M any people would balk at the idea of a westerner setting foot in North Korea which is known internationally for its nuclear weapons human rights record and its highly regimented


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  • With Widespread Deforestation North Korea Faces an

    North Korea s tree problem is one aspect of a bigger environmental crisis The hermit state known for its strident threats of nuclear war is suffering from crippling drought and violent floods

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  • Printed in North Korea The Art of Everyday Life in the

    During a study trip to China in 1993 he visited North Korea and subsequently set up Beijing based Koryo Tours specializing in tourism to the DPRK Since 2001 Bonner has produced three documentaries and a feature film on North Korea He is the author of Phaidon s bestselling Made in North Korea

  • North Korea parties Elite circle served by Pleasure

    WELCOME to the secret high class parties for North Korea s elite where schoolgirls as young as 13 are allegedly forced into servitude for their leaders pleasure

  • Why a North Korean Defector Says the Regime Will Soon

    September 18 2019 9 44 PM EDT A n influx of capitalist culture and a swelling desire for material goods could one day spell the end for North Korea s Kim dynasty and hasten the pariah state

  • Grasping for Clues in North Korean ExecutionThe New

    Grasping for Clues in North Korean Execution Jang Song thaek in Beijing in 2012 North Korea s state run news agency said he was killed after being

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  • Stamps marking 1st U S N Korea summit on sale in

    Stamps marking 1st U S N Korea summit on sale in Pyongyang A set of stamps commemorating the first ever U S North Korea summit in June last year are currently on sale in the North Korean capital although denuclearization negotiations between the two sides show little sign of moving forward The set

  • Biden US will respond if North Korea escalates following

    Biden US will respond if North Korea escalates following new missile launches Biden to meet with local leaders to rev up fight against gun violence Suspects in the Haitian president s

  • Bill Clinton Once Struck a Nuclear Deal With North Korea

    Over the years North Korea tried to find more support for its nuclear program includingengaging South Korea in talks about whether the two countries should develop a joint nuclear weapon in secret

  • How the North Korean Economy WorksInvestopedia

    The country of North Korea officially known as the Democratic People s Republic of Korea DPRK has an isolated and tightly controlled command economy A command economy is a standard component

  • Waking supervolcano makes North Korea and West join

    Waking supervolcano makes North Korea and West join forces If it blows again it could make Vesuvius look like a tea party Now in a ground breaking collaboration between the West and North

  • How North Korean Children are Taught to Hate Americans

    For North Koreans the 1950–53 Korean War that pitted the North Koreans and Chinese against U S led United Nations troops known in Pyongyang

  • North Korea elections Kim Jong un wins 100 of the vote

    North Korea elections Kim Jong un wins 100 of the vote Elections give government chance to check up on the peoplewith only one candidate listed on each ballot paper

  • Kim Jong Un warns of grave incident in North Korea s

    North Korea has claimed zero cases of Covid 19 since the start of the pandemic In January 2020 Pyongyang moved swiftly to sever most land sea and air routes to the country and instituted

  • Otto Warmbier s mom pleads with judge to stop Biden

    Otto Warmbier s mom pleads with judge to stop Biden WH extradition North Korea will kill Chris Christopher Ahn is currently out on bail after a hearing Tuesday in Los Angeles

  • Russian diplomats leave North Korea by hand pushed rail

    North Korea s borders have been effectively locked down for months as part of the Kim Jong Un regime s efforts to keep Covid 19 at bay stranding the few diplomats operating inside Pyongyang

  • North Korea s Kim Yo Jong breaks silence to warn US

    Kim Yo Jong the sister of North Korea s leader warned the Biden administration against causing a stink at its first step on Monday hours after the White House said it had not received a

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    The new sale will showcase works by the greatest names in British Art whilst also shining a spotlight on those who may be less well known in the international arena Among the highlights set for the sale is Going to the Match by L S Lowry one of Britain s most distinctive and

  • British banker set up firm used by North Korea to sell

    1 109 1109 A British banker who spent two decades living in communist North Korea set up a secret offshore finance company allegedly used by the Pyongyang regime to

  • North Korea is begging for war says US ambassador to

    223 Print this page The US warned on Monday that North Korea was begging for war but asked the UN to respond to Pyongyang s test of its largest nuclear device with stronger sanctions to

  • North Korea Military What to Know About Life as a Soldier

    North Korea has with reserves one of the world s biggest ground armies with more than 1 million active members and up to 6 million soldiers in reserve All citizens are conscripted as soon as

  • What Life Is Like for Women in North KoreaHarper s

    When the UN reported North Korea had committed human rights violations Kim Jong un s regime issued a reply declaring that North Korea is Heaven for women It s not any kind of heaven we

  • Unknown to most Americans the US totally destroyed

    Foreign tourists in North Korea are invariably steered to the Victorious Fatherland Liberation War Museum in Pyongyang which documents the isolated nation s crucible years the war that

  • North Korea 8 Things to Know Before You Go

    It is a criminal act in North Korea to show disrespect to the country s current and former leaders Kim Jong Il and Kim Il Sung Persons violating the laws of North Korea even unknowingly may be expelled arrested or imprisoned 6 Local laws you

  • North Korean defector slams woke US schools

    North Korean defector Yeonmi Park said after attending Columbia University that US schools are forcing students to think a certain way and are worse than the indoctrination in her home country